Saturday, 19 March 2016

How do fb,whatsapp,quora,wikipedia earns? Xplained!

Hey guys, I am gonna show a weird experience.
I had a small chat with one of my friend on whatsapp.
He is a web designer cum security specialist.  I was asking about my blog and its perfomance, and some other doubts like 'How to make my posts available to real readers'
But the chat did turned out to something new and interesting for me. I hope you would like to know How the hell does this whatsapp,Wikipedia,Facebook and similar companies earn huge amount of money. 
For the sake of promise,i have removed my friend's original name,instead i have used a nice name from where we get weird answers :p

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Read our chat conversation

 Nihal: Yes, I am going to make my science blog perfect and unique.
 Nihal: But I dont know to make them available for the exact audience
 Nihal: Want to get Indian science students and science enthusiasts as readers. Any advice?
 Sherlock: Haven't concerned on the mindset of students,so no idea
 Sherlock: Better u market yourself than your blog
 Sherlock: It helps bringing people
 Sherlock: Be associated with such blogs
 Sherlock: Be an active member
 Sherlock: Involve in active discussion
 Sherlock: Get followers
 Sherlock: Once u reach a certain threshold u will get a minimum  views
 Nihal: hmmm
 Nihal: My readers are mainly from facebook groups and my timeline
 Nihal: my classmates ,teachers and colleagues
 Sherlock: Not Facebook
 Sherlock: Get into the community
 Sherlock: That u want
 Nihal: what community?
 Sherlock: Identify those
 Sherlock: Be a notable person there
 Sherlock: Once u r in such reach, divert those followers to where ever u want
 Nihal: I seee
 Nihal: online or in reality?
 Sherlock: search science blogs
 Sherlock: Or forums
 Sherlock: Get membership
 Sherlock: Be active
 Sherlock: Not quora
 Nihal: why?
 Sherlock: Check forums
 Nihal: hmmm
 Sherlock: Quora ,u can
 Sherlock: But mostly it have SEO guys
 Nihal: so? any problem?
 Sherlock: They are not genuine followers
 Nihal:  Quora dont have ads,so they are better. right?
 Sherlock: Data mining
 Sherlock: They know the behavior of their users
 Sherlock: They sell
 Sherlock: That to researchers
 Sherlock: That is one of the income source of Facebook and Google
 Nihal: what?!! data mining?
 Sherlock: They know how people behave
 Nihal: Stealing others' ideas?
 Sherlock: They sell that behavior pattern
 Sherlock: To researchers
 Nihal: behavior pattern?
 Nihal: you mean thinking style?
 Sherlock: No,Say if coco cola is introducing a new product. In a location .. they will                                      analyse that  location behaviour
 Sherlock: The likes
 Sherlock: That targets
 Sherlock: The acceptance
 Sherlock: Then they make product
 Sherlock: After that for marketing also they use these information
 Nihal: I see.......
 Nihal: I see, but isn't it hard to get such informations from the loads of data?
 Sherlock: No its what data analysis is
 Nihal: I see
 Sherlock: Say ,Facebook analysis is browser history to bring such ads in your timeline
 Sherlock: Google also do so
 Nihal: I see
 Nihal: face book analyse my browser history? 
 Nihal: omg! that's illegal!
 Sherlock: Yeah. just go to flip cart then watch some products
 Sherlock: Come to Facebook
 Sherlock: U will see
 Nihal: I will see flipkart ads?
 Sherlock: U will see ads of that product
 Sherlock: Flipkart or amazon
 Sherlock: Or anything
 Nihal: I seee
 Sherlock: Yea either Flipkart or those products u viewed
 Nihal: How you know all these?
 Sherlock: I was in such industry

 Nihal: so, Google and Facebook is actually! right?
 Sherlock: Na. Not like that, but thy make use of us to know who are us.
 Nihal: is it?
 Sherlock: That's why Microsoft is moving from Windows to future products
 Sherlock: OS or software is not the future
 Nihal: Microsoft? what about them?
 Sherlock: Future is data
 Nihal: I see...... 
 Sherlock: Who holds it have control in everything
 Nihal: data! information!
 Nihal: data!..... mmmm....So search search engine.... making.... bing ?
 Sherlock: The birth of big data gives enormous amount of high data analysis
 Nihal: I see......

 Sherlock: Recently Microsoft made their SQL server available for linux
 Nihal: Linux? hmmm
 Sherlock: Yea
 Nihal: How do Linux earns money?
            How do Whatsapp app earns?
            How do wikipedia earns....plz answer these too... 
 Sherlock: Linux is an open source
 Sherlock: So it's not a matter of making money
 Sherlock: Whatapp sells data
 Nihal: But makers of linux, its new updates.. why theyy suffer such an expenditure
 Sherlock: Wikipedia sells the way to propagate something to people to create a mindset it's valid
 Sherlock: They get money from customer
 Nihal: hmmm......
 Nihal: like shaping the history.. right?
 Sherlock: Yea
 Nihal: u mean, whatsapp... sell..information's..that we are sending through chats?
 Sherlock: Not what you chat
 Sherlock: They sell what u are
 Nihal: how we chat.... right?
 Nihal: and how I am?
 Sherlock: What you are, whats your likes
 Sherlock: So that the targeted industry can analyse
 Nihal: I see
 Nihal: data analysis!
 Nihal: fb is becoming a world... level company an MNC like.
 Sherlock: Yea they need people so that they can sell information
 Sherlock: Google and fb know much about you than your friends know about u
 Nihal: I am thinking that....

 Sherlock: These information is available in net
 Sherlock: These are not secret
 Sherlock: U search for such topics
 Sherlock: U will get more that what I said
 Sherlock: These information is known to many
 Sherlock: Nothing new
 Nihal: to many
 Nihal: but not for everyone... 
 Nihal: Thanks a lot

I hope, you have understood at least some. Now go and search on internet about these and comment back what you got extra...

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Vertical stone erection of Dam Walls Xplained!

Vertical stones installed to reduce wave forces

To reduce the effects of water waves, During the procedure of creation of Dam's,This type of engineering is applied. Stones are erected vertically in between the stone warping.

The vertical stones in the picture will reduce the effect of force imparted by the huge waves. when wave hit any of the vertical stones,it gets divided and split up. 

They again hit next stones and so on, the entire big wave force is nullified,and hence Its effect on the Dam wall will be less.

pictures from : Malampuzha Dam,Palakkad,Kerala,India

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Galaxies by Hubble Space Telescope (11 images)

Two stars shine through the center of a ring of cascading dust in star system is named DI Cha.

The subject of this NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope image is known as NGC 3597. Astronomers study NGC 3597 to learn more about how elliptical galaxies form — many ellipticals began their lives far earlier in the history of the Universe
Despite its unassuming appearance, this spiral galaxy is a rarity. Spiral galaxies (like our own Milky Way) aren't known for radio emissions, but this one is alight with them
In this cosmic snapshot, the spectacularly symmetrical wings of planetary nebula Hen 2-437 show up in a magnificent icy blue hue
The distinctive blue bubble appearing to encircle WR 31a is a Wolf–Rayet nebula — an interstellar cloud of dust, hydrogen, helium and other gases. Created when speedy stellar winds interact with the outer layers of hydrogen ejected by Wolf–Rayet stars, these nebulae are frequently ring-shaped or spherical.
Surrounded by an envelope of dust, the subject of this NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope image is a young forming star known as HBC 1. The star is in an immature and adolescent phase of life, while most of a sun-like star’s life is spent in a stable stage comparable to human adulthood
This image, taken by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, shows a peculiar galaxy known as NGC 1487, lying about 30 million light-years away in the southern constellation of Eridanus
Most galaxies possess a majestic spiral or elliptical structure. About a quarter of galaxies, though, defy such conventional, rounded aesthetics, instead sporting a messy, indefinable shape. Known as irregular galaxies, this group includes NGC 5408, the galaxy that has been snapped here by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope
This NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope image shows the spiral galaxy NGC 4845, located over 65 million light-years away in the constellation of Virgo (The Virgin). The galaxy’s orientation clearly reveals the galaxy’s striking spiral structure: a flat and dust-mottled disk surrounding a bright galactic bulge
The spiral galaxy NGC 7252 has a superficial resemblance to an atomic nucleus surrounded by the loops of electronic orbits, and was informally dubbed the "Atoms for Peace" galaxy. These loops are well visible in a wider field of view image

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